Behind-the-Wheel Driving

Behind-the-wheel driving instruction consists of one or more sessions of driving. During each session, the student driver will drive with an instructor by his/her side. The student will be taught how to read and apply traffic signals, traffic management, and urban traffic congestion management and driving under stress. Sessions also include:
  • Highway and city driving
  • Parallel parking
  • Making proper turns and lanes changes
  • Expressway/Beltway Driving
  • Road test preparation
  • Introduction to defensive driving

Please click here to download our Behind-the-Wheel Syllabus. The minimum practice time (minimum package) is 2 hours. The price of this service depends on the package.


 Students for all behind-the-wheel can only be picked up at either of these locations:

  1. Dexterity Driving School Office (7059 Blair Rd NW, Suite#203 )

  2. Tokama Park Metro Station

  3. Fort Tooten Metro Station


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