Classroom Instruction

In Washington, DC, in order to take behind-the-wheel driving lessons you should be16 years old or older. DDS will provide 15 hours of classroom instruction and will prepare students for their knowledge test. Then, after obtaining their learner’s permits, students will receive 4 hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction.

As of April 2014, 100% of Dexterity students, who successfully completed the classroom instruction, have passed their knowledge test in the first trial.  


$799.00 (Four hundred and ninety-nine dollars) per student 

15 hours classroom instruction and 2 sessions of 2 hours behind-wheel instructions (Once the student passes the knowledge test at the DMV) in 2 weeks.For additional behind the wheel, please click here   


$499.00 (Three hundred and fourty-nine dollars) per student

12 hours classroom instruction only.


Each student is responsible for the DMV fees.

Additional behind-the-wheel driving hours are available for an additional $49.00 an hour for students who graduate the 26 hours program.

 Please click here to download classroom instruction syllabus.
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