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About Us

Dexterity driving school (DDS) is a professional driving school registered and insured with the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

Founded in 2003, Dexterity’s main goal consists of giving DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) residents a professional and enjoyable driving education. Dexterity provides professional service guaranteed as recognized by the Census of Professional Driving Schools in the Washington DC area as published by The Washington Post in 2005. Washington, D.C. Area Driving Schools – (

With the recent rising of handheld smart technology devices, driving has become one of the most dangerous things to do. Dexterity provides quality driving instruction to its customers by applying a step-by-step process of first teaching the basic driving rules then the techniques needed to become a master driver. Dexterity instructions begin with the list of prohibied actions to perform while driving, followed by how to carefully read and apply traffic signals during driving and concluides with a defensive driving lesson that helps you to become a safe driver and protect yourself and others while you are behind the wheel. The primary goal of our instructors is to help our clients master urban traffic management and traffic management in general.

We Serve Following Areas

  • Washington DC
  • Virginia
  • Maryland