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Road Test Car Usage

DMV Road Test Vehicle Usage

This service is offered for people who have scheduled a road test appointment with the DC-DMV and do not have a car or someone to take them to their road test. With this service, we provide you a car that meets all DMV’s requirements. We provide you a professional instructor who will come with you and assist you for your road test.
This service also provides pick up and drop off for an extra charge.
Road test assistances fees for people who need our car and someone to take them to their road test at DMV:

  • $65 We will meet you at 1421 Kenilworth Avenue Northeast, Washington, DC 20019.
  • $175 With pick up at your address in the Washington DC area (call to schedule this).
  • $279 With pick-up and drop off at your address in the Washington DC area. (This service has a limited time of 3 hours, for any additional hour, there is a $60 fee, call to schedule this service).


For those who need practice before their road, Dexterity Driving School offers refreshment courses for everyone who needs driving before his\her road test. You can schedule it online at or call our office to schedule for Behind the Wheel Driving refreshment classes.
Please select your date to schedule your road test online or call 202-291-6410 or just click here to email us.

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