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District of Columbia residents who are obtaining a driver’s license for the first time need to get a learner’s permit before taking a road test exam. Any resident who needs a learner’s permit can enroll in Dexterity Driving School driver education Driver’s Ed to help them study for their learner’s permit. This service offers classes in three different sessions: Regular, expedited, and Private. All sessions can only start if the minimum number of students has registered (indicated per session). In case you’re scheduled for a session and we do not have enough students to start the session, you will be notified at least 72 hours before the beginning of your session and with a list of sessions that you can be rescheduled to attend.

  • Regular: Regular session is divided into two. Weekly and weekend sessions. The weekly session runs Monday-Friday and the weekend session runs on Saturday.
  • Expedited: Expedited session is designed for people who want to complete their Driver’s Ed faster than in a regular session. This session runs 6 hours per day (2 lessons) for 5 days and the schedule is flexible to registered students.
  • Private: Private session is designed for people who want to have their class alone or with their relatives on their own schedule. Please be aware that the beginning date shown at booking is just for registration purposes. This session is completely designed around your schedule and does not need any minimum to start.

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